Certain Hires for Uncertain Times

Meet 10 qualified candidates in 10 days for $1,000. Guaranteed. 

Still hoping that posting on a job board will bring you the best candidates?

It's not likely. 

You could hire an expensive headhunter, but that will cost you tens of thousands of $$$.  


You could try SHORTLIST

Hi, I’m Jeff Hyman, the award-winning recruiter with 3,000 hires under my belt at hundreds of growth companies.  

And I have a secret…  

If you already know how to interview candidates (and just need help finding them) then you probably don’t need a headhunter.  

You simply need a way to pinpoint exactly the right people & get your job opportunity in front of them.  

That’s why I created...SHORTLIST

It's the only way to meet 10 qualified candidates in just 10 days. Guaranteed.

What Clients Are Saying..

"SHORTLIST rocks! It saved me $84,000 in headhunter fees on just one search. This changes everything about the way we hire."

Alex Stepien | CEO | Cappex

"The hardest part is choosing from the remarkable candidates they deliver. They put us in front of 4 outstanding VP Sales candidates in days!"

Mike Pytlinski | CEO | Moon Cheese

Headhunters Charge $30,000 or More 

With No Guarantee of Finding the Best Candidate for Your Company

Why Take That Risk?

Yes! Let's Give SHORTLIST a Try

Why Smart Leaders Love SHORTLIST

The MOST Targeted

You'll meet only highly qualified candidates. No more unqualified applicants & stacks of pointless resumes.

4X Faster

Traditional headhunters seem to take forever. Now you can hire in 10 days. Not 10 months.

10X Less Expensive

Why pay a headhunter to interview candidates when you're going to interview them anyway?

Zero Risk

If you're not OMG'd 😲 you get your money back. Try asking your headhunter for that!

All this for Only $1,000

What Customers Are Saying..

"In short order, they recruited a talented SVP Marketing to accelerate the growth of our PE-backed company. It's a fast, easy, well-run process."

Kevin Lee | CEO | Kobiton

"We needed a head of Sales that fit our company's culture & matched our needed skills. They sourced 4 excellent candidates & helped us land the perfect fit - in just weeks."

Kurt Reilly | CEO | AwardSpring


  • 3,000 hires
  • 25 years of Executive Search for PE & VC companies
  • Professor at Kellogg School of Management
  • Bestselling author of Recruit Rockstars
  • Named "The Matchmaker" by Inc. Magazine
  • Host of Recruit Rockstars Podcast (300 episodes)
  • Featured in Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, Fox Business


Get Started Easily

1. Think Big! Describe the perfect candidate that you want to hire. Or email us the job description. In 24 hours, we email you 3 benchmark candidates to be sure we're on track.

2. Say Go! We unleash our team to find the closest 200 matches to your ideal candidate. We do the research first-hand every time, without job postings.

3. Find & Entice Them. We track down each candidate's contact info. We handcraft a compelling message about your role. Then, we get it in front of each candidate.

4. Hired! In 10 days, you receive your SHORTLIST with 10 interested candidates who match your exact criteria. Each of them wants to speak with you.

What Customers Are Saying..

"In just weeks, they found our Rockstar head of sales. Plus 3 amazing backup candidates."

Glenn Trout | CEO | VelocityEHS

"They nailed it. Delivered a shortlist of outstanding candidates for me to meet with. The one we chose to join our team is a high-impact player."

Shawn Boom | CEO | Vanco Payments

Any Industry. Any City. 



Human Resources



Account Management



Client Service

The Best Part? Your first SHORTLIST is Just $1,000

Compare that to $30,000 for a Traditional Headhunter

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If you're not convinced that SHORTLIST is the best recruiting service you've ever used, we'll give you a full refund.

The Best Part? With SHORTLIST You Get All This:

  • Get candidates in 10 days
  • Help defining your criteria
  • Meet only the candidates who match your criteria
  • Use SHORTLIST for any type of fulltime role ... including Executive roles
  • Skip all the unqualified candidates
  • Get your money back if you're not OMG'd

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